Residence Class A

TZS 1,700,000

Residence Permit Class A is a permit granted to a person who intends to enter or remain in Tanzania and engage on self-employed investment in the field of prospecting and Mining, Agriculture and animal husbandry, profession and Consultancy Services, Professional Arts, Manufacturing and Processing, Larger scale Investment and Trade, Hospitality Industry and related activities, Information Technology and IT activities, Transport and Linguistics, Construction Industry, Real Estate Industry and other Investments.

The price above covers task fee only, you will receive the bank account number of the immigration authority for the payment of the permit fee according to your sector or occupation.


A-1 Persons intending to invest into prospecting of minerals or mining 3,000 1,500
A-2 Persons intending to engage into large scale investment, trade and business including agriculture and animal husbandry 3,000 1,500
A-3 Members of prescribed profession in possession of prescribed qualifications intending to practice such profession and consultancy services 3,000 1,500
A-4 Persons who have been residing in the country and engaged in small scale trade, business, artisanship, fishing, farming or any legally recognized activity 1,000 500
A-5 Prospective investors whose nationality of origin was Tanzania and subsequently renounced and acquired another nationality 1,000






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Filling your application

Preparing Application letter

Preparing the Board Resolution if you don’t have any i.e. Extract of the Board Meeting resolving to appoint the applicant as a Director (where the applicant is not among the first Director)

Preparing a list which shows your company assets,

Follow up Physical Verification Visit Report (PVV) from Immigration Authority where necessary

Application appeal/reapply in case the application is refused



A copy of the Work Permit issued by Labour Commissioner (Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar)

A Copy of National Passport (With validity of not less than six months)

Passport size photograph

One full size photograph

Registration Certificates from Relevant Authorities (in case the Business requires Authorization from specific Regulatory Authority),

Certificate of Incentive (in case the business or project has been registered with Tanzania Investment Centre – TIC or Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority – ZIPA and EPZA)

Memorandum and Articles of Association or Extract from Registrar showing Company shareholders, share distribution and nominal capital of the company

Certificate of incorporation or Certificate compliance or Business Name Registration or Certificate of change of name

Valid Business license

Certificate of registration for Tax payers (TIN)

Valid tax clearance certificate

Tax payment slips

Lease agreement or Certificate of Occupancy

Company Current Bank Statement where necessary

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