Residence Class B

TZS 1,700,000

Residence Permit Class B is a permit granted to a foreigner who possesses qualification or skills, preferably in highly technical occupations, that are not readily available in the local labor market. This covers foreigners with rare professions having specific employment by specific employer and professionals working in Government and Private strategic projects. This application must be made prior to the entry of the prospective employee into Tanzania.

The price above covers task fees only, you will receive the bank account number of the immigration authority for the payment of the permit fee according to your sector or occupation.


B-1 Persons who have been offered Specific employment by specific employer and have the required qualifications and experience 2,000 500
B-2 Professionals, Technicians and Associates Professionals from EAC Partner States as prescribed in the Schedule to the EAC Common Market Protocol (Free Movement of Workers Regulations) 500


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Filling your application

Preparing Application letter

Application appeal/reapply in case the application is refused


A copy of the Work Permit issued by Labour Commissioner (Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar),

A Copy of National Passport (With validity of not less than six month),

Covering letter from the employer,

Passport size photograph,

One full size photograph

Curriculum Vitae of the employee,

Certified copies of the Academic Certificates,

Official translation of documents/certificates in case they are written in languages other than English or Swahili,

Job description for the expatriate/employee,

Employment Contract

Previous Original Class B permit (in case of renewal or replacement),

Organization structure of the company

Registration of certificates from professional boards where necessary e.g. NBAA, ERB, PSPTB, Nurses and Midwifery council, medical council etc or qualifications that require registration with authorized Institutions and Certificate, Clearance or Licenses be issued. These include: Accountants, engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Doctors, Teachers, Nurses, Pilots, Employees in Security Companies, Executive Personnel in Financial Institutions such Banks, Bureau De Change etc.

Business License

Memorandum and Articles of Association or Extract from Registrar showing Company shareholders, share distribution and nominal capital of the company

Certificate of incorporation or Certificate compliance or Business Name Registration or Certificate of change of name

Letter of no objection (if the application has shifted from another company)

Tax Clearance

Tax Payers’ Identification Number (TIN) Certificate

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