VAT Return

TZS 400,000

Use our tax team to help your individual business or private company to prepare, file and submit your monthly Value Added Tax (VAT) returns on time to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) so that you can avoid unnecessary penalties and costs. This is compulsory if your business or company earn TZS 100,000,000 revenue per year.

By selecting this service, you’re accepting and enter into contract with us. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a contract to review, sign and send to us.

To add, no need to go anywhere, we will arrange a special visit to your office or home and discuss more about how this task will be performed per month.


The price you see above is a monthly charge for any business or company that earns not above TZS 200,000,000 per year. Above such earnings, the price will be negotiable.

Don’t send this task to us if you’re not understanding what you do, contact our team if you need any support before selecting this service.

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