Work Class B

TZS 1,700,000

Work Permit Class B is a permit granted to a foreigner who intends to work in Tanzania since he/she possesses prescribed professions (Medical and Health Care Professionals, Experts in Oil & Gas, Teachers and University Lectures in Science and Mathematics).

The price above covers task fee only. You will be needed to pay a permit fee yourself by depositing money directly into the Prime Minister’s Office – Policy, Parliament, Coordination, Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disability United States Dollar (USD) Bank Account by using the control number given in the bill for Work Permit Application or online by using VISA/Master Card.


Fee (US Dollar) Maximum time of working in Tanzania
500 5 years
Category Tag


Taking responsibility for your application

Preparing Justification Letter

Application appeal/reapply in case the application is refused


Two (2) recent passport size photographs with blue back ground

Copy of a Valid Passport (Validity should not be below six month before expiry)

Scanned copies of original Academic/Professional certificates.

Scanned copies of original assessment letters issued by TCU or NACTE

Translated documents and scanned copies of certificates before translation.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

Employment/Engagement Contract

Detailed Job Description

Succession Plan (For renewal)

TIC/EPZA Certificate (Where Applicable)

Recommendation letter from relevant Government Authority for Companies, Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or Institutions executing Government Projects/Programmes

Current Proof of Shares from BRELA Online Search System or Extract from Register

Proof of transfer or sell of shares (Where applicable). This includes Tax Clearance Certificate to that effect

Return on Employment of Non-Citizens (TFN 903)

Sectoral Approvals/Permits/Registrations (where applicable) i.e. TMDA, TBS, ERB, NBAA, TCAA, CRB, LATRA, TASAC, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Mining Commission etc.

Original Previous Work Permit (For renewals and change of Work Permit Class)

Industrial/Business/Operating Licence

Proof of payment of prescribed fee for Work Permit (Original Pay in Bank Slip)

Proof of registration with NSSF and WCF and current contribution records

Certificate of Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Certificate of Value Added Tax

Current Tax Clearance Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Compliance / Registration of Companies, NGOs, Religious Institutions,
Universities, Schools and other Institutions

Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution of the Organization.

Introduction letter authorizing employee of the Organization to apply and make a follow up of Work Permit application and copy of such employee’s Work Identity Card.

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